Wedding Photojournalist


Hello, I'm Simon Atkins, a wedding photojournalist for couples who love unposed storytelling wedding photography.


I'm a Northamptonshire wedding photographer working all over the UK and beyond capturing real moments with real memories attached. Nothing is posed or prompted other than a handful of group photographs if required.

My background in photojournalism gives me a unique eye for photographing genuine unposed documentary wedding photography , I was one of the early pioneers of wedding photojournalism back in the late 1990's. I blend in as a wedding guest using small and almost silent cameras. You can relax and enjoy your day without it being taken over by the photographer.


100% genuine moments and raw emotion
beautifully captured

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Dear Simon, Lena and I looked through your beautiful album last night. It is a stunning presentation of your outstanding photos of such a phenomenal day that really enabled us to relive everything with enormous grins on our faces! As I’ve mentioned before, you have managed to capture not just the main significant moments from a unique and stimulating perspective, you have also somehow managed to seemingly be in the background everywhere else to catch so many small moments that collectively reflect the whole wonderful atmosphere of the day.

Charlie & Lena, wedding North Cadbury Court.

I bring a photojournalistic eye to my storytelling wedding photography, I've photographed over 1,000 weddings all over the UK as well as Venice, France, Menorca & Ireland. I have photographed a number of celebrity weddings including Martin Shaw's son Joe Shaw (actor), TV presenter Jasmine Harman, comedian & actor Rob Brydon, car designer J.Mays, comedian Lucy Montgomery, Queen music video producer Rhys Thomas.

I'm also available for documentary family photography.

Why have a wedding photojournalist for your wedding?

I photograph weddings in a genuine unposed documentary style. Other than a few group photographs (if required) I do not interfere with the events on the day, instead I blend in as a wedding guest and capture real moments as they happen. My skill is in capturing photographs that show a story rather than just a series of candid snapshots, I do this in a number of ways including layered images (where lots of things are going on in one photograph), using wide angle lenses, looking for actions and reactions, taking photographs that work together as a series and capturing the atmosphere of the wedding. I use my vast experience (over 20 years in professional photography) and my training in photojournalism to look for moments that capture the essence of your wedding.

Photographs should make you feel the moment

My approach to wedding photography is to take photographs that make you feel something rather than just lots of pretty pictures. I want to convey a moment, a memory, 1/125th of a second frozen in time. When you look back through your wedding photographs in twenty years time I want the photographs to bring back real memories of how you felt at the moment I took the photograph.


Photojournalist turned wedding photographer

I'm NCTJ trained as a photojournalist and spent the first part of my career photographing news and features for newspapers, during this time I covered many varied assignments ranging from spending a day with Tony Blair on his election bus to flying in a chinook helicopter with the British Army in Germany, I photographed much of the Royal Family and many high profile people.

The wedding should not be about the photography.

The wedding should not be about the photography in fact you will hardly notice me as I work with small almost silent mirrorless cameras. You can enjoy your day spending the time with each other and your family and friends. If you'd like some group photographs these will only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, if you are looking for lots of posed and group photographs I'd suggest I am not the photographer for you, if you are looking for a photographer who will blend in and capture real moments I'd love to hear from you!

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