Menorca wedding photography

Menorca wedding photographer at Biniarroca.
Menorca wedding photography

I am a wedding photographer based in the UK and available for your Menorca wedding photography. If you live in the UK and are getting married in Menorca it makes sense to hire someone UK based for your Menorca wedding photographs as this allows you to easily meet up with them before your wedding and also makes it easier after your wedding to obtain albums and prints.

I photographed a wedding for one of Lara and Gordon’s friends and they loved my photography and asked if I could possibly be their Menorca wedding photographer.  I was actually booked for their wedding date and had to turn them down, then a few days later Laura contacted me asking if I would be able to photograph their wedding if they changed it to the day before. How could I refuse?  I flew out to Menorca a couple of days before the wedding to photograph the build up to the day, unfortunately due to my existing booking the day after this wedding I had to fly back the evening of the wedding which meant I wasn’t around to capture the dancing in the evening.

Lara & Gordon’s wedding was at Santa Margarita Church and Biniarroca on the beautiful island of Menorca.  The wedding was in October and I had been promised beautiful light by Laura so I was slightly disappointed to arrive to find it was raining. Luckily on the day of the wedding the skies cleared and we did have the beautiful Menorca light.

Biniarroca is an ideal location for your wedding reception, it is a beautiful venue. Santa Margarita church is likely to be your ceremony venue if you wish to have a church ceremony, otherwise you could opt for a humanist ceremony anywhere on the island by doing the legal parts in the UK.

Please contact me if you are looking for a Menorca wedding photographer and I can show you the entire wedding. For weddings in Menorca I charge my UK rates plus my expenses including flights and accommodation, You are welcome to arrange these yourself if you prefer.

wedding at MenorcaMenorcaMenorca-wedding-photography-004getting ready by the pool at a Menorca weddingrelaxing by the poolrelaxing before the weddingbride before the weddingMenorca weddinggroom getting readyMenorca-wedding-photography-011Menorca-wedding-photography-012bride about to put on her wedding dress in Menorcaputting on the dressfinal touchesMenorca-wedding-photography-016Menorca-wedding-photography-017Menorca-wedding-photography-018Menorca-wedding-photography-019Menorca-wedding-photography-020a wedding in MenorcaMenorca-wedding-photography-022Menorca-wedding-photography-023Menorca-wedding-photography-024Menorca-wedding-photography-025Menorca-wedding-photography-026Menorca-wedding-photography-027the groom at the churchMenorca-wedding-photography-029bride arriving in the car for a Menorca weddingMenorca wedding photographythe brideMenorca-wedding-photography-033Menorca-wedding-photography-034wedidng ceremony in MenorcaMenorca-wedding-photography-036A Menorca wedding ceremonyMenorca-wedding-photography-038Menorca-wedding-photography-039getting married in MenorcaMenorca church weddingMenorca-wedding-photography-042Menorca-wedding-photography-043getting hitched in MenorcaMenorca-wedding-photography-045Menorca-wedding-photography-046Menorca-wedding-photography-047wedding ceremony in MenorcaMenorca-wedding-photography-049Menorca-wedding-photography-050Menorca-wedding-photography-051Menorca-wedding-photography-052Menorca-wedding-photography-053Menorca-wedding-photography-054Menorca-wedding-photography-055Menorca-wedding-photography-056Menorca-wedding-photography-057Menorca-wedding-photography-058Menorca-wedding-photography-059Menorca-wedding-photography-060Menorca-wedding-photography-061Menorca-wedding-photography-062Menorca-wedding-photography-063Menorca-wedding-photography-064Menorca-wedding-photography-065Menorca-wedding-photography-066Menorca-wedding-photography-067Menorca-wedding-photography-068Menorca-wedding-photography-069Menorca-wedding-photography-070Menorca-wedding-photography-071Menorca-wedding-photography-072Menorca-wedding-photography-073Menorca-wedding-photography-074Menorca-wedding-photography-075Menorca-wedding-photography-076Menorca-wedding-photography-077Menorca-wedding-photography-078Menorca-wedding-photography-079Menorca-wedding-photography-080Menorca-wedding-photography-081Menorca-wedding-photography-082Menorca-wedding-photography-083Menorca-wedding-photography-084Menorca-wedding-photography-085