Northampton wedding photography – Peter and Kirsty

Northampton wedding photography – Kirsty and Peter married on Saturday 20th October 2012 at Saint Aidan’s RC Church in Kingsthorpe Northampton with a reception at Fawsley Hall.

I love the light at this time of the year with the sun low in the sky, Peter and Kirsty were blessed with a sunny day for their wedding on the 20th October.  After photographing the bridal preps I caught up with Peter at St Aidan’s church in nearby Kingsthorpe.  I always enjoy photographing weddings in Catholic churches as they are always very welcoming towards photographers and there was no exception to that for Peter and Kirsty’s wedding. I only wish I had this sort of welcome at every wedding as a couple of times this year I have not been allowed to take any photographs at all during the ceremony even though I work on small cameras with almost silent shutters and never use flash .

The reception was at Fawsley Hall, a venue I’m very familiar with having photographed around 40 or 50 weddings here over the past 12 years.  There was a surprise for the guests when the waiters burst into song, not the usual Fawsley Hall waiters but the singing waiters who had minutes earlier helped serve up the main course.

These are my pick of 50 photographs showing the story of Kirsty and Peter’s wedding.