Street Photography – Worldwide Photo Walk

A couple of weeks back I had a Saturday off  (I don’t get many) and had the choice of going shopping or getting out with my camera, the shopping trip almost won but I didn’t fancy leaving my cameras to collect dust so I signed myself up to an event called the Worldwide Photo Walk.  I soon discovered this didn’t actually involve walking around the world or even going on a trip anywhere more exotic than Northampton town centre.

The Worldwide Photo Walk is organised each year by Scott Kelby and encourages photographers to meet up and do some street photography, events take place on the same day at many locations around the world with a prize for the winner of each walk and a prize for the overall winner.  I’m not really into competitions but did fancy some street photography. The day came and I met up with 20 photographers for a coffee in the middle of Northampton and was handed a route map, looking around I noticed everyone had brought along a DSLR and I had just my Fuji X-Pro1 and a single lens which in my opinion is an excellent camera for street photography as it’s small, discreet and importantly for me is not a heavy brick like most DSLR cameras.

So off I went for two hours looking for something a little different. In the end the best photograph from the day was one I took while sat in the cafe drinking coffee, I love the family resemblance between the dog and his owner. The photograph was taken on a Fuji X-Pro1 with Fujinon 35mm F1.4 lens.

The photograph has won the Northamptonshire heat of the Worldwide Photo Walk and will now go through to the worldwide competition.

I find that street photography is an excellent way of sharpening my skills as a reportage wedding photographer.