Hipstamatic wedding photography

I have recently become hooked on the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone and take a lot of personal photographs with it.  The app recreates the look of toy film cameras which became popular with photographers looking to create something different.  Toy cameras often have plastic lenses and poorly fitting backs, this results in light leaks onto the film and grainy soft focus images.

Could you really use an iPhone to take wedding photographs?  My normal camera of choice is the Canon 5DmkII coupled with L series lenses, How exactly would a camera phone compare?   To find out I took a handful of photographs at my last wedding on the iPhone.  I didn’t have very much time to experiment as I was busy photographing the wedding.

My verdict is you can certainly take some interesting photographs with the app, but the quality isn’t going to hold up when printed.  I don’t think Canon have too much to worry about at the moment.

I set the “film” to BlacKeys Supergrain and the lens to John S, I didn’t use the flash for any of these.  I haven’t done any processing on the images, these are exactly as they look straight out of the iPhone.  The reception venue was very dark and I was working at 3200 iso on my Canon 5DII, the iPhone still managed to capture some usable images.

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  • Bak RdSeptember 6, 2011 - 8:15 am

    I think this is wonderful! It takes guts to go out with an iphone to shoot the actual wedding. I currently don’t have an iphone but I have been wondering if anybody is photographing weddings with it and I found proof that people do.
    Great job on these shots!ReplyCancel

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  • rsmithingJanuary 8, 2012 - 9:47 pm

    These are great photos. While I think Canon is safe for now, I must say there’s a certain element to Hipstamatic that really works here. The quality is certainly not the best for printing, but for basic online views and maybe casual prints, you might be on to something. I link to this over at:


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