Ducklings have arrived

Sorry for those expecting to see more of my wedding work, more photographs from my latest wedding will be coming very soon.  Instead it’s time to show I sometimes turn my camera to something other than weddings.   My Light Sussex hen turned broody about five weeks ago and anyone who keeps chickens will know once they are broody it’s very difficult to break them out of it, she was pinching the other girls eggs and sitting on them and that meant no boiled eggs for me in the mornings. I swapped the infertile chicken eggs for some fertile duck eggs and my hen happily sat on them for 28 days,  the eggs started hatching last Thursday and the last one hatched while I was out photographing a wedding (on a farm) yesterday.

Broody hen didn’t seem to notice her babies didn’t look quiet like chicks and soon set about teaching them how to eat the chick crumbs and then kept them warm overnight. This morning the ducklings and mummy hen are enjoying the sunshine in a pen on the lawn and I can’t keep the ducklings out of a paint roller tray full of water and they are already eyeing up my garden pond.

I had a lovely wedding yesterday at South Farm and the photographs will be here later next week, including some very cute piglets. I mustn’t let my children see the piglets as my garden can’t take any more animals.




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