Charles & Simona’s wedding at Peterborough Cathedral

Charles and Simona’s wedding was at beautiful Peterborough Cathedral in Cambridgeshire.  The reception was at Rushton Hall in Northamptonshire.  With such a beautiful location for the ceremony it was impossible not to come up with a fantastic set of photographs.

Unusually my photographic coverage started the evening before the wedding with the rehearsal, which also gave me an opportunity to photograph Peterborough Cathedral in the evening light. The following morning I arrived to photograph the bride and bridesmaids getting ready before heading off to the Cathedral to catch up with the groom, Charles.  Now Batman cufflinks are not something I expect to find at a wedding, but Charles clearly had a sense of humour which was further revealed in the speeches, even the cake featured a small Batman climbing up the side of it.

The wedding ceremony at Peterborough Cathedral was beautiful, and the Dean was very helpful in ensuring I could photograph the ceremony from good vantage points, something which was very refreshing considering the amount of restrictions placed on photography by other churches this past year.

After the ceremony Simona and Charles released white Doves outside the Cathedral, this was followed by a drinks reception inside the Cathedral before Simona and Charles set off for the journey to Rushton Hall for the reception.

Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 235Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 236
Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 119Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 120Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 121Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 122Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 123Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 125Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 126Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 127Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 128Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 129Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 130Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 131Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 132Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 133Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 134Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 136Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 137Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 138Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 139Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 141Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 142Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 143Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 144Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 145Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 146Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 147Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 148Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 150Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 151Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 152Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 153Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 154Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 155Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 156Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 157Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 158Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 159Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 160Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 161Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 162Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 163Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 164Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 165Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 167Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 168Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 169Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 170Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 171Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 172Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 173Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 174Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 175Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 176Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 177Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 178Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 179Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 180Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 181Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 183Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 184Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 185Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 186Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 187Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 188Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 189Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 190Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 191Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 192Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 193Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 194Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 195Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 196Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 197Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 198Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 199Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 200Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 201Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 202Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 203Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 204Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 205Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 206Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 207Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 208Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 209Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 210Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 211Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 212Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 213Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 214Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 215Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 216Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 217Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 218Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 220Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 221Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 222Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 223Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 224Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 225Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 226Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 227Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 228Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 229Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 230Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 231Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 232Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 233Peterborough Cathedral Wedding Photography 234


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Steve Brill - September 4, 2014 - 1:18 pm

A beautiful wedding story captured very well indeed, and what an epic building for a ceremony!
I’m a huge fan of your work, so thanks for sharing.

Weston Park wedding photography – Abbie & Luke

Another week, another beautiful wedding. This time it was Abbie and Luke’s wedding at Weston Park in Shropshire.

Weston Park is a stunning venue set in parkland, it’s home to the V festival (but I am way too old to go to such things).  It’s described as “One of England’s most stunning park and gardens”, the grounds themselves extend for 1000 acres.  The house is run by the Trustees of Weston Park foundation. The walls contain the largest collection of Van Dyck paintings in the country.

I arrived to photograph Abbie getting ready in one of the upstairs rooms, at this stage the weather looked rather threatening with dark clouds and later rain, luckily this cleared up later in the day allowing full use of the beautiful gardens.  Luke got ready in one of the rooms on the opposite side of the house which made it easy for me to photographs his preparations as well, before he did the fairly traditional task of heading to the nearest pub for a quick drink along with many of the guests.  Luke’s room was amazing, decorated to look like the inside of a (posh) tent.

My next stop was at the pub to catch a few photographs of the guests before the ceremony in nearby St Mary and St Chad church in Brewood. This is where I have to mention about photography during the ceremony, the rules vary so much from place to place and not just with church weddings, registrars too all have different rules. I had been sent a form to sign which said no photography at all was allowed during the ceremony, it’s the first time I have had to sign something to say I wouldn’t take any photographs although not being allowed to take photographs is nothing new.  I can understand that not all photographers are unobtrusive and that moving about, using flash and generally being seen can be distracting during the ceremony. The way I work is to move during the cover of the hymns and stay in one place for the rest of the ceremony, I don’t use flash and my cameras have quiet settings for the shutter which is barely audible a few feet away.  After some discussion t was agreed I could take a couple of photographs of the entrance of the bride, one from the back during the exchange of rings and one of signing the register, which is much better than nothing at all. As a documentary wedding photographer I want to capture what the day is all about, what it is all about is getting married so it is such a shame when photographs of this are not allowed, these moments can never be recreated.

After the ceremony it was back to Weston Park for the wedding reception.  After dinner the sun made an appearance and everyone enjoyed the gardens.

weston parkweston-park--004bride getting readyweston-park--016weston-park--017weston-park--021hair being styledwedding dress hanging up  at Weston Parkweston-park--028weston-park--030weston-park--031groom getting readyweston-park--035weston-park--040weston-park--042weston-park--044weston-park--046weston-park--047at the pubthe churchweston-park--063weston-park--064weston-park--068weston-park--074weston-park--077nervous groom waitingweston-park--082arrival of the brideweston-park--089weston-park--092weston-park--101weston-park--104weston-park--107weston-park--108weston-park--109wedding ceremonyweston-park--131weston-park--132weston-park--134weston-park--135weston-park--137weston-park--138weston-park--143weston-park--152weston-park--156weston-park--158weston-park--197weston-park--203weston-park--205weston parkweston-park--214weston-park--222weston-park--255weston-park--282weston-park--296weston-park--313weston-park--323weston-park--328weston-park--347weston-park--362weston-park--365weston-park--382weston-park--387weston-park--402weston-park--409flower girls in the maze at weston parkweston-park--412weston-park--413weston-park--415weston-park--416

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Broadoaks Country House wedding

Leanne and Will’s wedding at Broadoaks Country House – Lake District wedding photography.

August has been my busiest month this year with weddings all over the UK, as usual for this time of the year I have got a long way behind with adding recent weddings to my blog. I will try to catch up with weddings from July later on. For now though I have Will and Leanne’s Broadoaks Country House wedding from August 7th to share with you.

I often travel around a lot for weddings so it was nothing unusual to have the three hour drive up the M6 to the Lake District. I have photographed weddings at many of the hotels in the Lakes but never at Broadoaks before. My sat nav decided to take me on the scenic route past a sheep dog event and along single track roads, I was happy about this as it meant bypassing the long queue of traffic heading for Bowness on Windermere. Eventually I arrived at Broadoaks Country House, a small boutique hotel at Troutbeck.  After saying hello to Will my coverage started with Leanne and the bridesmaids having their hair styled up in the ‘Boudoir’ room.

The wedding ceremony took place outside in the gardens, luckily the weather was perfect with a picture book blue sky. Outdoor weddings seem to be gaining popularity despite the finicky British weather.  This was a really stunning location for the ceremony with views across the hills and a glimpse of Lake Windermere glistening down below.

After the ceremony Will and Leanne departed from tradition with a game of rounders, in 14 years and 600 weddings it was the first time I had seen this. Everybody joined in for a game of the boys versus the girls. Way back previous to being a wedding photographer I worked as a press photographer, so a little bit of sports photography didn’t break me into a sweat.

I’m sure everyone had worked up a good appetite for dinner served in the dining room.  I don’t take many photographs of people eating so I used this as an excuse to walk up to a scenic point I’d seen in the car on the way in, to photograph Lake Windermere. I’d slightly underestimated how far it was to walk and the short cut on the way back wasn’t such a good idea in my wedding shoes, but it was worth it for the photographs. I arrived back at Broadoaks Country House in plenty of time to photograph the speeches and the first dance.

Broadoaks Country House is a really lovely location for smaller intimate weddings, it is very much the perfect venue for wedding photographers during the summer months.  The rooms are all beautifully decorated and have interesting features, it is really the natural beauty of the surrounding area that make this a real jewel of a venue.  Leanne and Will had exclusive use of the hotel along with all the rooms. Weddings where everything is in one place are always more relaxing and here your guests can stay the night as well.  The Lake District is a fair drive from me, but I’m always happy to hear from couples getting married in the Lakes.

Broadoaks country house website along with details of having your wedding there can be found here.


Broadoaks Country House weddinglakes-wedding--003lakes-wedding--008lakes-wedding--011lakes-wedding--013lakes-wedding--014lakes-wedding--016lakes-wedding--022lakes-wedding--023lakes-wedding--024lakes-wedding--027lakes-wedding--032lakes-wedding--042lakes-wedding--046lakes-wedding--047lakes-wedding--053lakes-wedding--056lakes-wedding--057lakes-wedding--059lakes-wedding--061lakes-wedding--062lakes-wedding--065lakes-wedding--074lakes-wedding--076lakes-wedding--077lakes-wedding--079lakes-wedding--088

lakes-wedding--105lakes-wedding--108lakes-wedding--110lakes-wedding--112lakes-wedding--119lakes-wedding--121lakes-wedding--126lakes-wedding--133lakes-wedding--137lakes-wedding--139lakes-wedding--143lakes-wedding--144lakes-wedding--183lakes-wedding--198lakes-wedding--210lakes-wedding--217lakes-wedding--222lakes-wedding--227lakes-wedding--229lakes-wedding--230lakes-wedding--231lakes-wedding--240lakes-wedding--241lakes-wedding--242lakes-wedding--249lakes-wedding--254lakes-wedding--260lakes-wedding--275lakes-wedding--278lakes-wedding--279lakes-wedding--280lakes-wedding--281lakes-wedding--284lakes-wedding--290lakes-wedding--295lakes-wedding--298lakes-wedding--343wedding photography at Broadoaks country houselakes-wedding--373lakes-wedding--376lakes-wedding--379lakes-wedding--381

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The Crypt wedding photography – Maddy and Dale in London

A few months back I received an email from Dale asking if I’d like to photograph his ‘shotgun’ wedding in London at The Crypt at Ely Place in London.  I’d wanted to photograph a wedding in The Crypt for a few years since photographing a wedding in St Etheldreda’s church above.  This is an interesting area of London which once belonged to the Bishops of Ely (Ely is in Cambridgeshire). St Etheldreda’s church is the oldest Catholic church in London and one of the oldest in the country, you can read about the history on the official website here -    The Crypt has an equally interesting history involving Henry VIII.  Amazingly both the church and crypt survived the reformation relatively intact.  Today The Crypt is part of The Bleeding Heart restaurant and makes a fantastic wedding venue.

Maddy and Dale had a small wedding with just a handful of guests who all sat around one table for dinner. My coverage started at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel where Dale and the guests arrived for pre wedding drinks. The ceremony was across the road at Camden Tow Hall, afterwards I travelled with Maddy and Dale in their taxi for a few photographs before arriving at The Crypt in Ely Place.

The Crypt looked beautifully atmospheric lit with candles, some emotional speeches followed.  Maddy is Swedish and there seems to be a tradition of almost everybody doing a speech rather than the usual three speeches at most weddings. Later the evening guests arrived for the party.

I took only two lenses on this wedding as I wanted to travel light as I was on foot having left my car outside of London, most of these images are from a Canon 24mm F1.4, the other lens was a Canon 85mm F1.8.

Please get in contact to see more Crypt wedding photography.

The Crypt wedding photographyThe Crypt weddingwedding at The Crypt in London

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Alderley Edge wedding – Kim & Oli

One of the wonderful things about being a wedding photographer is travelling all across the country to beautiful venues each wedding. I couldn’t work in just one place, in fact after 14 years of being self employed (and another 12 years on top of that as a staff photographer at newspapers)  I really couldn’t do a ‘normal’ job, just as well my work is in demand!  I really do enjoy photographing weddings which seems to be unusual for anyone who has been doing it for so long.

I had a trip up the M6 to Cheshire for Kim and Oli’s wedding at Alderley Edge, with the ceremony at nearby Nether Alderley.  I arrived at Kim’s parents house to find dad supervising the finishing touches in the marquee and later raking the gravel on the drive – not what I usually find the father of the bride doing on the morning of the wedding, but no small detail had been left to chance.

After spending some time photographing the build up to the wedding and Kim having her hair and make up finished, I headed off to catch up with Oli having a drink in a nearby bar with his ushers. It was then back to Kim for a few more photographs before heading to the 14th century St Mary’s church in Nether Alderley for the wedding ceremony. The church is Grade 1 listed by English Heritage and parts of it date back to 1300 although like most older churches many alterations have been made through the years including restoration in the 19th century.

After the ceremony guests made the short trip back to Alderley Edge for the wedding reception which took place in a marquee erected in the garden. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t at it’s best although this didn’t stop Kim and Oli from enjoying a few minutes together in the garden.

alderley edgealderley edge wedding photosalderley edge wedding, the bride having make up appliedalderley edge wedding, the wedding dress hanging upalderley edge wedding brides prepsalderley edge wedding, groom at the pubalderley edge, bride arriving at the church for the wedding ceremonynether alderleywedding ceremonynether alderley wedding photographyalderley edge wedding photos

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Sue Key - August 4, 2014 - 11:46 pm

Anne Dunn is my cousin and I live in Sydney Australia. I have watched Oli grow up and to see him portrayed like this in your spectacular photos is wonderful.. I was unable to get to the wedding so seeing these wonderful pics is sort of like sharing it. My daughter got married a few years ago and her photos were dreadful and in fact caused a family rift. Unbelievable.
Well done to you.

Kind regards